Benriach 12 Years 2007 Cask Moscatel


BenRiach 12 Year Old 2007 Single Cask #8730. The journey to crafting this delicious whisky begins with locally sourced barley from Speyside. Mineral rich water from underground aquifer beneath the distillery is then used with the barley to develop BenRiach’s signature sweet mash also known as the ”Four Water Mash”.

The New make spirits is distilled un-peated, fruity and citrusy. It is a contribution to the refreshing zesty notes found in this dram.

This dram is eventually laid to rest within BenRiach’s dunnage warehouse in moscatel hogshead : an uncommon cask used in aging whisky. This cask previously storing the traditional Portuguese wine gives our dram an exceptional depth and layers of flavour.

Size: 700ml

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Tasting Notes


Deep old gold with a tinge of copper.

Delicious buttery sweetness, apricots and red peppercorns. Add a touch of water to reveal traces of lemon soda.

Soft wisp of gooseberry and golden pear. Allow the whisky to breathe to unveil robust notes of ginger, spices and eucalyptus.

An elegant soft finish with flavours of bitter orange, fresh oak and candied fruits.


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