Kamotsuru “Itteki Nyukon”


720 ml

Sake meter value (+ for sweet, – for sour): +3.0

Rice polishing ratio: 60%

Acidity (high acidity makes it fuller, low makes it lighter: 1.5

Recommended temperature: cold/room temp

ABV: 15%         

Palate: light, dry, playful, cedar, grapefruit, lemon,

Recommended pairing: meat, fish,

Category: ginjo

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Earthy and charged with natural flavor

Kamotsuru brewery is known for their rice polishing technology, and it’s never been more clear than when you take a sip of Itteki Nyukon. A pure rice sake born from carefully polished rice. The rich earthy flavor is all natural, drawn out through meticulous attention during the brewing process. The full bodied taste is accompanied by a sweet fragrance, and goes down with a playful, fruity aftertaste. Serve this sake cold to better experience its seductive sensations.


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