Kubota “Junmai Daiginjo”


720 ml

Find harmony with every sip

The brewers that dreamed up the famous Kubota sake lineup are proud to present Kubota “Junmai Daiginjo.” From the first scent of pear to the unmistakeable smoothness, this sake graces your taste buds with magnificent flavor. A harmonious balance is found in each sip which we hope will stay with you long after you finish the bottle. By using sustainable methods, Asahi Brewing Company produces sake you can drink with an easy heart.

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Sake meter value (+ for sweet, – for sour): +/- 0

(RPR) Rice polishing ratio: 50%

Acidity (high acidity makes it fuller, low makes it lighter: 1.3

Recommended temperature: Cold Temp 40-60F

ABV: 15%         

Palate: light, sweet, pear, melon

Recommended pairing: shellfish, fish, cheese

Category: daiginjo


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