Ozeki “Osakaya Chobei”


720 ml

Sweet enough to make you blush

Named after the founder of Ozeki brewery, the Osakaya Chobei is a Daiginjo made from rice that has been polished by a whopping 50%. This helps create the delicate flavor you’ll taste, reminiscent of lychee or melon. A pleasant umami essence combines with the sweetness to deliver a drink that leaves you flush, like a kiss on the cheek.

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(SMV) Sake meter value (+ for sweet, – for sour): +4.0

Acidity (high acidity makes it fuller, low makes it lighter: 1.3

Recommended temperature: room temp 70F

ABV: 15%         

Palate: light, dry, lychee, melon

Recommended pairing: sushi, fish, sashimi

Category: daiginjo


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