Port Charlotte OLC:01 2010 Mooncake Gift Set


Size: 700ml

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For mooncakes that make a memorable impression, Rémy Cointreau’s creations stand out with spectacularly crafted imprints of the Centaur logo, a time-honoured hallmark of the brand since the 1800s. The baked beauties come in four flavours that blend the classic and contemporary: Pure Lotus Double Yolk, Matcha Red Bean, Charcoal White Lotus with Crushed Yolk, and Pandan Lotus that’s low in sugar, thoughtfully offering something for everybody.

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Nose: Peat smoke shrouds jammy dark fruits, with caramelised nuts, festive spices and orange peel, with notes of mocha, maple syrup and a touch of maritime influence.

Palate: Rich and oily, with fragrant smoke, candied nuts and dried fig, alongside cigar box, peppery oak and more orange peel.

Finish: The smoke is dry now, with dried fruit sweetness, cocoa and vanilla buttercream, supported by mineral saltiness and citrus curd.


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