Uncle Sauvignon Blanc



Sauv Blanc, we’re so over it that we’re into it again. When did it become uncool to drink Sauvy B? We don’t remember, probably because we’re still drinking it. Like that awkward, austere Uncle that you only see and remember when you’re dragged along to those unavoidable family outings, Sauv’s always been there.

It’s time to put our misplaced judgements and eye-rolling aside and embrace Adelaide Hills Sauv Blanc for what it is, and always has been – bloody delicious wine.

If you’re one of those who are hard to convince, here’s the run-down on your new coolest uncool Uncle, straight from the horse’s (Winemaker Sam’s) mouth:

“If I’m drinking Sauvignon Blanc, I want it tight, crisp and zingy, embracing the methoxypyrazines (herbaceous characters in normal person words), not denouncing them. My personal winemaking philosophy is that we’re blessed here in Australia with plenty of sunlight and warm weather to provide plenty of flavour precursors in the grapes, so I pick on natural acidity to provide the backbone to the wines and use winemaking techniques to flesh out the body. This wine is all skin and bones – the tight lean crisp acidity creates a refreshing wine for acid addicts that’s more reminiscent of Riesling than classic hills Sauvy B.”

Size : 750ml

Varietal : Sauvignon Blanc
Sweetness : Dry
Body :                
Light    Medium    Full

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LOOKS LIKE: Pale, pale grass.

SMELLS LIKE: Grapefruit pith and gooseberries, fresh hops and passionfruit.

TASTES LIKE: Lean, tight and super fresh. Crunchy apple acidity, sour-sobs and gooseberries.

DRINK WITH: Sunshine, oysters, crabs and shellfish.

CELLAR FOR: Up to 5 years.


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