Ever imagine adding more magic to our swaying palm trees, balmy tropical skies, and wet Monsoon season for Christmas nights?

Today, I’m here to share a secret with you – Christmas drinking games! Crafted to sprinkle this festive season with laughter and cheer, these games create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

Your A to Z of Festive Fun – The Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game


Let’s kick off the holiday fun! Gather the gang and decide who’s up first. Taking turns, work your way through the alphabet, mentioning something Christmas-themed for each letter. This could be a song, food, decoration, and so on.

For example:

A = Angels

B = Bells

C = Candy canes

If a player hesitates or can’t think of something to say, it’s time for a drink!

On-screen Festive Cheers – The Santa Hat Drinking Game

Tis the season to binge-watch Christmas movies with a merry twist! Hang a Santa hat on your TV – now, every time a character on screen “wears” it, it’s time to take a gulp of your drink.

With this game, you can combine your cherished Christmas movies with sips of your favorite glass of whisky – double the laughter and joy guaranteed!

Humming Along with Christmas Classics – The Christmas Song Drinking Game

Our final game is music to our ears, catering to melody makers (and fakers)! Channel your inner caroler and sing lines from classic Christmas tunes. Make a mistake in the lyrics? Down your drink!

This game combines heartwarming tunes with tantalizing spirits – the perfect recipe for a truly spirited celebration.

These games will not only amplify the holiday fun but also create lasting connections with your loved ones. To make your festive season even merrier, head over to The Good Stuff and explore a selection of curated spirits that will elevate your gatherings.