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Ardbeg: Unleashing Whisky Excellence and Chasing Heavy Vapours

Ardbeg: Unleashing Whisky Excellence and Chasing Heavy Vapours

Ardbeg, the whisky darling of experts and enthusiasts alike, has earned a legendary reputation, leaving aficionados swooning and declaring it “almost perfect.” It’s no wonder that Ardbeg has become a global sensation, with six of its tantalising expressions snatching up top honours in the past decade. We’re talking World Whisky of the Year, Scotch Whisky of the Year, and even the coveted title of World’s Best Single Malt. Talk about whisky superstardom!

But what sets Ardbeg apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to tradition, making whisky production cool again. They source their barley from the legendary Port Ellen maltings nearby and embrace the age-old floor malting techniques. It’s a labor of love, from the malted and peated barley to the delightful dance inside those copper pot stills, resulting in a flavor profile that will blow your socks off.

Now, prepare for the accolades to rain down upon Ardbeg like confetti at a party. Their whiskies have scooped up more awards than a champion racehorse. World Whisky of the Year? Check. Scotch Whisky of the Year? Double check. World’s Best Single Malt? They’ve got that covered too. It’s a standing ovation for Ardbeg’s unwavering dedication to crafting liquid gold.

But hold on, there’s more excitement in store! Calling all esteemed Ardbeg committee members—brace yourselves for the Heavy Vapour Committee Exclusive. Available for a limited time, this exclusive edition packs a punch at a non-chill-filtered 50.2% ABV. Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will have you floating on whisky clouds!

Now, mark your calendars and grab your detective hats because Ardbeg Day is coming up on June 3. This year, they’re turning up the fun with a thrilling noir detective-themed celebration in London. It’s a race against time as you join fellow whisky enthusiasts in a quest to uncover the lost purifier. 

So, whether you’re a whisky connoisseur with a swagger or a curious newcomer looking to spice up your spirits game, Ardbeg invites you to join the party and embark on a whisky adventure like no other.

Hop on over to our online store today, use the promo code ARDBEG30 to get RM30 off, and claim your ticket to the mesmerising world of Ardbeg. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor the magic of Ardbeg Heavy Vapour Committee Exclusive. Get ready to have your taste buds dancing and your spirits soaring!


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