Citadelle Old Tom No Mistake Gin


Citadelle Old Tom In 1836, as he loitered in the bars of London, Charles Dickens marveled at “the ingenuity employed to give sobriquets to gin, with one term more seductive than the next, to describe it in multiple ways.” “No Mistake” is one of the nicknames Dickens noted and it seemed appropriate for Old Tom, which they created in honor of this superb elixir.

Size: 500ml

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Tasting Notes

fresh and forceful, the attack reveals juniper, orange zest and cardamom, then it becomes more floral and vegetal, with jasmine and honeysuckle and notes of fennel and cumin, and almost sweet, with coffee.

full and elegant, with a sweet and sour profile of preserved lemon zest, génépi, anise and almond, lengthening to spicy notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and cubeb pepper.

lovely length, floral, spicy and woody, with notes of coriander, violet, angelica, cumin, grains of paradise, and licorice.


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