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KI NO BI GO Kyoto Dry Gin


The Kyoto Distillery will launch a limited bottling – KI NO BI GO Kyoto Dry Gin – to celebrate the 5th anniversary of KI NO BI. The name uses the Japanese for five ‘Go’ and the message 5th Anniversary –‘五周年’ is embossed into the label. GO has been tweaked to reflect the botanicals’ qualities at the higher strength at 50% ABV.

Made from a rice spirit, complemented by the addition of regional botanicals including yuzu, ginger and gyokuro tea from Uji, we have modified our award-winning gin with Japanese red pine (‘akamatsu’) in the base element in place of hinoki. KI NO BI GO is made by hand at our distillery in Kyoto and is inspired by the history, culture and people of this ancient city.

KI NO BI GO uses exactly the same 11 botanicals, macerated and distilled in the same 6 Elements as classic KI NO BI, with the exception that ‘akamatsu’ (red pine) has been used in the Base Element in place of hinoki.

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