Maker’s Mark Personalized Label


A classic Kentucky Bourbon: There are lovely notes of spiced honey and mixed peels, a little malmsey, hazelnut and a touch of cut fruit with toasty oak providing a backbone. Rich and full palate with notes of rye and spice, barley malt, a little nut oil with butterscotch and vanilla.

Special occasion? There’s a label for that.

These labels were designed expressly for the purpose of giving someone the gift of Maker’s Mark® they’ll never forget – because it will have their name front and center. This personalized gift will be a 90-proof reminder of how much you care about them. Something this special takes time, so please allow one to two weeks for us to print and ship your label to you.

You can create a custom gift for anyone, for any reason, in just a few steps. Whether it’s an anniversary, a promotion or just because, simply choose the event, personalize the label and provide a delivery address.

Disclaimer: Personalised label for Name only.

Size: 700ml


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    • + 40 RM