The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Years Old

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The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Year Old smoother, richer, perfectly balanced Single Malt Whisky. Fields of golden barley grow here in rich, dark soil. Water ‘from heaven and earth’ cascades down the White Burn river from two mountain lochs, one fed by springs, the other by rain. The traditional ways that shape The Singleton of Glen Ord have remained unchanged.


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Bright and clear; an intense amber.


Light to medium bodied, delightfully coating.


Unhesitating and substantial. Initially, winy top notes rapidly evolve into fresher, sweeter plummy fruits offset by zesty, oily orange peel. Then, there are aromas of rich caramel toffees and chocolate accompanied by malty biscuits.


Immediate, smooth, and cooling. Subtly coating, with a clever balance of gentle fruit tartness (preserved plums) and gingery, rich, sweet malt. Becoming gradually lighter and cleaner on the palate with faint, appetising late notes of toasted coconut.


Medium in length and very, very rounded. A beautiful balance of lightly cleansing fruit notes and gingery toasted maltiness; a smooth texture, like caramel toffees or good chocolate slowly melting on the tongue. Late notes of cocoa and cool mint.


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