Bejing-based contemporary artist Liu Wei works with have never been limited to one medium. As one of China’s first generation of new wave artists who has a hand in the “post-sense sensibility” art movement, his methods vary as well.

From video to installation, drawing, sculpture and painting – with no uniting stylistic tendency, Saatchi Gallery has tried to summarise his work as “a sentiment of excess, corruption, and aggression reflective of cultural anxiety.” But underneath that resentment for conservatism, lies a joyful artist who’s known for his colourful expression.

Always pushing the boundaries, Hennessy collaborated with the world-renowned risqué artist to create a limited edition of Hennessy XO and VSOP inspired by the season of Spring to ushering in Chinese New Year 2021.

To achieve this, Liu Wei used energetic and vital colour combinations in his canvas oil painting, integrating inkjet and painting to create pieces that are meant to invoke happiness and hope in the audience.

Let’s have a closer look at both these beautiful bottles…

Hennessy XO Cognac Lunar New Year 2021 by Liu Wei

As Spring is the beginning of new things, the colourful and playful palette utilised by Liu Wei brings out our inner-optimism with the infinite choice of possibilities that come with new years. Just like how the Hennessy Master Blender chooses specific eaux de vie for a blend, Liu Wei chooses his colours to express Spring’s cheerfulness.

Eponymous with cognac, X.O. has remained unchanged since its creation. Around 100 of the finest eaux de vie (‘water of life’ to the French, ‘cognac’ to you and I) are carefully selected and aged to create this sophisticated blend.

Hennessy VSOP Chinese New Year 2021 by Liu Wei

Expressing 200 years of Hennessy’s know-how, the Hennessy VSOP Chinese New Year 2021 limited edition by Liu Wei perfectly captures the brand’s tangle with the fruit of nature’s uncertainties that has been tamed to become the cognac that we all know and love.

Echoing the depth of tastes of Hennessy’s cognacs, the organic curves painted by world renown artist Chinese artist Liu Wei are an invitation to let yourself discover the highlights of a rich colour palette evoking spring’s fresh cheerfulness.

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