Since life is uncertain at the moment, it’s a smart move to stock up with The Good Stuff!

Our Hennessy CNY Survival Kit (nicknamed the MCO survival kit) consists of all the necessities you will need to get you through Chinese New Year and the months to follow.

A collection of flowers, liquor and condiments creatively arranged by our dear partners, check out our shop now for delivery on the same day.

The Hennessy CNY Survival Kit includes:

  • Hennessy V.S.O.P 700ml
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Truffle Cream
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with White Truffle
  • Glaze of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with Truffle Aroma
  • Salt infused with Summer Truffle
  • x2 Instant Bird’s Nest with Ginseng

To ensure that you are fully equipped to survival ride out the dark times, you should also consider picking up our Hennessy 2020 Holiday Gift Pack (X.O).

Originally released late last year, the holiday gift pack consists of two Hennessy XO 700ml bottles, 6 whisky rocks (ice-cubes that don’t melt), 2 Hennessy Sunset Glasses, Coasters, Tongs, Gold Leaves and Truffle Cream – for cooking or to make Hennessy XO chocolate truffles.

Get the Hennessy 2020 Holiday Gift Pack (X.O) now at our shop for delivery on the same day.

Hennessy 2020 Holiday Gift Pack (X.O) comes with:

  • 6 x Whisky Rocks
  • 2 x Hennessy Sunset Glasses
  • 2 x Coasters
  • Truffle Cream
  • Chef Tong
  • Gold Leaves