Let’s face it. Whisky is not the most flavourful of spirits. With the exception of flavour-infused whiskies (err), most good whiskies are noted for their smoothness derived from their ageing process. If we were to compare it to a food, whisky is sushi – it is more about texture.

In general, whisky falls into two general categories of taste – peaty/smokey or fruity – depending on the location where it’s made and ingredients used. Due to this, many non-whisky drinkers find it dull compared to other more cocktail-friendly spirits.

However, it is the complexity of the journey that endures with whisky drinkers and a big part of that journey of taste begins with the barrels. This is where a whisky’s taste is developed.

Attempting something that has never been done before, Jura’s new non-age statement whisky Jura Seven Wood combines the flavours from seven different kinds of American and French oak barrels.

Part of Jura’s line reboot that saw the exit of the Origin, Superstition and Prophecy, Jura Seven Wood boasts a wild ride on your palate with its recipe.

First aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, then enhanced by time in six French Oak casks (Limousin, Tronçais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles & Les Bertranges), this 42% ABV single malt lives up to its name.

Deep copper in colour, Seven Wood hits the nose with apple fragrance and hints of cinnamon, chocolate, cherry and smoke. It might even remind certain foodies of bak kua.

Upon first taste, a sweet burst is quickly followed by citrus and spice before coming to a bitter end. From here, you can takes hints of the French wine casks used with this release. Predominantly, though not overwhelmingly, it’s the American ex-bourbon oak that takes centerstage, holding all the robust elements together.

A semi-dry whisky, water brings out some of its sweetness but maintains its level of spice.

Seven Wood is definitely a successful experiment in maturing whisky in an obscene amount of barrel types. Something could have gone horribly wrong, but somehow birth a new beginning for ‘flavourful’ whisky.

It needs to be tasted to be truly appreciated.

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