Peddlers Shanghai Craft Gin


Born on the back streets of Shanghai, the hustle and bustle charm of the world’s biggest trading port was the perfect inspiration from a more adventurous gin. Awards including multiple San Francisco medals, favorite Bartender Brand and Visionary company of the year, Peddlers offers a distinctive yet perfectly balanced recipe, made with ingredients from the West and the Far East. Award winning product is the result of a five year journey focused solely on creating a gin for the most discerning and adventurous drinkers.

Size: 750ml


  • Exclusive Peddler’s Shanghai Craft Gin tote bag
  • Exclusive Peddler’s Shanghai Craft Gin mug


Box not included

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Tasting Note

They bring a soft spiciness with mild hints of fresh ginger and citrus, complementing the citrus notes from Buddha’s Hand and mala notes from Sichuan pepper in Peddlers gin.


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