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Dear vodka, how are you?

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen or tasted the likes of you but I’ll always be grateful for all the times you were there for me at the beginning of my journey into the world of alcoholic beverages (for better or worse)… Confused? Let me explain.

Most would agree that one of the first liquors we end up trying (especially those of us who grew up in the Klang Valley) is vodka. For you party people looking to book a table at a club or bar, vodka always seems to be the go-to bottle promotion due to its affordability.

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While I completely understand and have been guilty of doing the same thing many times, I’ve come to a point in my life where I’d willingly spend slightly more for a better quality drink

That being said, I am not against Absolut Vodka’s original expression as it’s reasonably priced, good for mixing and great for parties.

What is Vodka?

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The short answer to this question would be regret with a slight tinge of fruit. On a more serious note – the raw ingredients that go into making vodka varies from different brands.

Many assume that Russian vodka is typically made from potatoes. While some are, other vegetables and grains such as corn or rice can also be used to brew vodka. Moreover, vodka has been around for over a millennia with roots dating back to the 900s.

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With the 1000+ years of us tweaking about and perfecting the art of vodka brewing, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings of making alcohol in home stills. Like many other spirits, vodka was once invented as a medicine to disinfect and a treat wounds.

Countless medicines and cosmetics featured vodka as an ingredient which could also be drank. Today, we will be looking at two mouth-watering vodkas that we have for sale on our shop page:

1. Haku Vodka

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  • Flavour Profile
    • Nose: Soft, sweet and floral aroma of rice.
    • Palate: Opulent palate with the natural sweetness and complex flavor of rice.
  • Finish: Smooth and lingering finish with a sophisticated background.

Released by the celebrated Suntory Distillery of Japan and made in Kagoshima, Kyushu – Haku Vodka is twice-distilled from 100% hakumai (Japanese white rice), then filtered through bamboo charcoal. This filtration process brings out soft, round and sweet flavours.

The word ‘Haku‘ means ‘white’ in Japanese and is used to describe the vodka’s key ingredient and clear spirit. Historically, white rice is very revered in Japanese culture and was always considered a luxury, reserved for worship and the imperial family.

2. Grey Goose Vodka

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  • Flavour Profile
    • Nose: Clean, grainy nose with hints of almond, black pepper and fruit.
    • Palate: Very peppery, vanilla, perfumed palate with hints of star anise and rye.
    • Finish: Spicy, warming, extremely creamy finish.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not the biggest fan of vodka – but if somebody offers me a swig of Grey Goose Vodka, who am I to say no? This vodka is undoubtedly one of the most famous vodkas known to the general public since its release in 1997.

Distilled and bottled in Cognac, France, this vodka actually grew in popularity throughout the United States at first. American liquor importer, Sidney Frank, believed that premium French vodkas would sell like hot cakes in the U.S. marketand boy was he right.

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