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Yesterday, we learned about the various health benefits of gin including its ability to help prevent cancer. Turns out, almost every alcoholic beverage has some medicinal qualities to them when consumed in moderation.

One such beverage, which shares many of the same benefits of gin, is brandy or cognac as it’s commonly referred to – which shouldn’t be a thing simply because not all brandies are made in Cognac, France (why cognacs are called so in the first place).

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For starters, brandy contains anti-ageing properties. Certain antioxidant compounds found in brandy can destroy or neutralise the effect of free radicals (the reason our healthy cells mutate), preventing skin wrinkling, poor vision and other cognitive issues.

Now we know the real fountain of youth lies in a bottle of brandy! Moving on, this one’s gonna excite you fitness freaks as brandy contains 0 carbs and is extremely low in cholesterol.

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Additionally, it’s been reported that brandy can act as a sleeping aid for people who have trouble getting to bed. This is why brandy is often classified as an ‘after-dinner drink’.

Finally, brandy helps to reduce cardiovascular problems such as reducing inflammation in arteries while also lowering one’s blood pressure. Sounds unbelievable right? Either way, we’ve got you covered if you need a fix of brandy:

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