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Did You Know That Gin Has A Ton Of Health Benefits And Can Prevent Cancer?

Did You Know That Gin Has A Ton Of Health Benefits And Can Prevent Cancer?

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I’m sure many of you have heard the rumours of how drinking red wine makes you live longer or how whisky is good for the heart. But have you ever imagined that gin would be littered with a vast amount of health benefits?

Obviously, there are certain stipulations regarding these health benefits. It’s pretty apparent that going through multiple bottles of gin on a daily basis would completely cancel out any benefits and will definitely cause major problems to your body.

Moderation is key“, as the old saying goes. On that note, you’d be surprised by the things this spirit can cure, prevent or help alleviate when enjoyed every now and then in sensible amounts. Let’s begin:

Gin & Its Medicinal Properties

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To all the gin-haters out there I’d like to let out a virtual ‘Haha!’ because I love gin and it’s actually good for you. I didn’t solely rely on the picture above for the facts I’m about to present to you because we do things right at The Good Stuff. We researchthoroughly.

Through my research, I found out that gin contains fewer calories than other spirits. I can picture you health-nuts clicking on the gin section of our shop page right about now. Anyways, a majority of gin’s health benefits are mainly due to its key ingredient: juniper berries.

Source: Healthline

Juniper berries are considered by many to be ‘super berries’. Rightfully so, as they contain a multitude of benefits such as infection-fighting qualities due to their as they possess warming and sterilising effects.

Juniper is also a diuretic which means that drinking gin will increase urine output and help with halting water retention. With that in mind, gin also helps with digestion as a number of enzymes found in juniper berries help with breaking down food.

Additionally, juniper berries contain oils which can alleviate coughs through expelling mucus lodged in the throat, reducing lung congestion in the long run.

Source: Tenor

Now let’s talk about a property which many seek in various healthcare products; anti-ageing. Gin is a great and natural way of combating this due to the great deal of antioxidants in juniper berries which are known to boost regenerative cells in our body for smoother and healthier skin.

Talking of antioxidants, the ones found in gin have the ability to destroy and neutralise free radicals in the body. Free radicals, for those who don’t know, play a part in forming cancer cells. In other words, gin can help with lowering the risk of getting cancer.

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The final and perhaps most important benefit that comes with drinking gin is living longer. Another wonderful component in juniper berries are something called flavonoids which are helpful in preventing heart disease as well as improving blood circulation as we age.

Take this information with a grain of salt though as excessive drinking would still do more damage than good. However, if you do need a fix of gin to maintain your figure, stay young or simply just to drink, we’ve got plenty! In the meantime, here’s some to choose from:

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