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The Absolute Must-Have Alcohol Choices For House Parties In Your Early 20s

The Absolute Must-Have Alcohol Choices For House Parties In Your Early 20s


I love house parties as I’m sure many of you do too. I’m also getting the feeling that I might just love them even more now with the CMCO taking place. Bear in mind, this isn’t me advising you to call a gang of friends from different areas to come party at your house.

Please follow SOPs so we can flatten the curve and finally party outside again. On that note, since many of us will be staying at home for a good while, I decided to make this list of essential liquors for any house party. You saw the .gif above, I’m not talking about a ‘tasting’.

Source: Tenor

Caveat: Make sure to only throw house parties if you live in the same neighbourhood or flat as the people you’re inviting but even then, always stay cautious regardless if you know that person well.

Sure we gotta party, but we’ve got to keep flattening that curve too. Anyways, these are the liquors I have chosen based on my personal experience which are the best choices that will get you feeling good:

1. Jameson Triple Distilled

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Ah, good ol’ Jameson. I’ve had many fond memories (which I can’t seem to remember entirely) with this handy bottle of Irish whiskey. Let me say this early on so it’s understood that every bottle in this list can be used for the: ‘Bro, drink this for x amount of seconds’ game.

You could drink it neat (though I wouldn’t) or make the classic DIY cocktail of Jameson + any soda, preferably Coke. Despite being frowned upon by whisky snobs “because it lacks character” or whatever, Jameson is a definite must-have for any house party.

2. Hennessy

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Ooh boy. Even though I’m the one who chose these liquors for this list, I’m slowly starting to regret doing so as it’s taking me on a rocky trip down memory lane. Hennessy V.S. is absolutely delicious and probably the second best thing on this list.

As for how you should drink it, dude, it’s a house party – do you. But the V.S. isn’t really meant to be drank neat and goes better with Coke like Jameson. If you’re willing to spend a couple more bucks you could get the V.S.O.P. instead, which can be enjoyed neat.

A word of advice though: don’t consume this if you’ve just had a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend/non-binary lover. It’ll make you and your partner do extremely stupid things which you’ll regret the following day.

3. Grey Goose

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Ugh. Don’t mind me, i’m just really not into vodka. But that being said, I honestly quite like Grey Goose. Out of all the bottles on this list, this is this most popular “bro drink this for this long” liquor – at least in my experience.

In my opinion, Grey Goose is more of a club liquor though but I figured it should make the list simply because of the need for diversity. I’m sure there are many of you readers who absolutely love vodka and so this addition goes out to you.

If you’re feeling slightly adventurous and want to save some money, you could also opt to try Haku Vodka instead. It’s made by the legendary Suntory distillery and has gotten fairly good reviews (as well as a bunch of orders on our website).

4. Monkey Shoulder

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Remember how I said the Hennessy V.S. was second best on the list? Meet the first, Monkey Shoulder. I love this. I love this so much. It’s so unbelievably smooth, tasty, creamy and just awesome.

Now this, you could drink neat. I wouldn’t really recommend adding water to it because of how smooth it already is but if that’s how you wanna drink, then so be it. I’ve had this mixed with Coke too and it was cool but surprisingly, I prefer it neat (which isn’t usual for me).

5. Suntory Roku Gin

*Click on the photo above to view on our shop page.

“Save the best for last” as the old saying goes. It’s not the best to me but Roku Gin seems to be one of our best-selling product here on The Good Stuff. Personally, gins are pretty hit or miss for me but this one’s special.

Made of 6 uniquely Japanese botanicals (as mentioned on the back of its bottle), Roku Gin will take you on a delicious flavour trip. It still has that distinctive gin taste but with an exotic touch of fruity sweetness.

Source: Gfycat

So there you have it dear readers, my five picks for house party liquor essentials. Some of you might approve some of you might be shaking your head in disappointment. Either way, thanks for reading if you stuck by this long and in the words of Wayne from Wayne’s world, “Party on!”

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