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Celebrate This Year’s Deepavali With Amazing Deals On Drinks Courtesy Of The Good Stuff!

Celebrate This Year’s Deepavali With Amazing Deals On Drinks Courtesy Of The Good Stuff!

Source: The Star

There are many things that make Malaysia such a beautiful country to be in. If you were to ask a random person on the street about what makes this country so amazing, 9 times out of 10 they’d probably say “the food“, which is a very valid answer.

But in my personal opinion, it goes deeper than just good food. For me, what makes Malaysia such an amazing place to call home, despite people in high positions of power trying to divide us, ultimately boils down to our people, Malaysians.

Source: Rojak Daily

Whether you’re Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or what have you, it’s this amalgamation of different cultures that makes our country truly unique. On that note, this post is dedicated to our Indian brothers and sisters who’ll soon be celebrating Deepavali or the ‘Festival of Lights’.

I imagine our fellow Indian friends are currently rushing to get ingredients for the tasty food they’re gonna make in addition to other Deepavali essentials. But for those of you racking your brain trying to figure out what drinks to get for the family, look no further.

The Good Stuff’s got you covered!

The Good Stuff’s 11.11 Sale

Yes, I’m aware that today is the 10th of November and Deepavali falls on the 14th. This is what instilled a sense of urgency for me to make this post. As the subheading suggests, The Good Stuff is currently having an 11.11 sale ourselves.

Bottles upon bottles and even bundles of bottles are now on sale at heavily discounted prices. If I listed down every single deal from our 11.11 sale, you’d be scrolling for hours on end. Instead, I’ll give you beautiful readers a sneak peak of what’s up for grabs:

Click here to view everything available for our 11.11 sale deals. We want to make sure that everybody gets to drink whether it’s your amma, appa, cousins or sweet old patti – The Good Stuff aims to provide enough drinks for the whole family!

Order your share of The Good Stuff today and we absolutely urge you to take advantage of these insane deals at crazy low prices while they last! Finally, we here at The Good Stuff would like to wish a Happy Deepavali to all our Indian friends!

Browse through our shop page to see our entire collection of alcohol and have your purchases delivered to you today!

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