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Glenfiddich – a brand synonymous with its triangular bottle design, stag head logo and of course, its whisky. The word Glenfiddich translates to ‘The Valley of the Deer‘ in Scottish Gaelic which is why every bottle features a stag on it.

Despite being one of the most historical brands of single malt whisky, Glenfiddich is not one to shy away from experimenting. The brilliant minds at the Glenfiddich distllery have included yet another amazing addition to their Experimental Series line.

Introducing Project XX

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The second of many additions to the Experimental Series line, Project XX is crafted by the world’s best whisky experts who’d chosen the best expressions of Glenfiddich’s repertoire to be blended into one singular whisky leading to the birth of Project XX.

This special expression of Glenfiddich is named so to signify the 20 different blends of single malt chosen by the 20 different whisky experts – hence the name, Project XX: the Roman numeral for 20.

One of Scotland’s Proudest Exports

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Before we get too carried away with the ins and outs of Project XX, it’d be an insult to simply gloss over Glenfiddich’s storied past. With their first distillery established in the year 1887 by William Grant, Glenfiddich still remains as a family-owned distillery to this day.

During Prohibition, William’s son Grant Gordon took over Glenfiddich’s day-to-day operations until the 1930s where the reigns were eventually passed down to his children.

Two decades later, the distillery built an onsite cooperage (where casks and barrels are made) that is still in use to this day.

The Trinity & Worldwide Recognition

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1961 marked the year where Glenfiddich’s signature triangular shaped bottles were first introduced by designer Hans Schleger. This bottle symbolises the holy trinity of water, air and malted barley used to craft a bottle of Glenfiddich.

6 years later, William Grant’s great grandson – Sandy Grant Gordon was so proud of his family’s whisky that he felt the need to promote Glenfiddich outside of Scotland at a time when international consumers were more accustomed to drinking blended whiskies.

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Today, Glenfiddich has grown to become a household name and a major force in the world of single malt whiskies. While their classic blends are still held in high regard today, Glenfiddich understands the importance of diversifying their product line.

The passing of time is intertwined with both progress and change. Glenfiddich is proof of this by constantly finding innovative ways to make new products despite being a brand over 2 centuries old. One example is the aforementioned Experimental Series.

Which brings us back to…

Project XX

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Glenfiddich’s Experimental series breathes new life into the celebrated brand, allowing them to create new, exciting and one-of-a-kind single malts. As mentioned earlier, Project XX was crafted by 20 people who selected 20 of Glenfiddich’s best blends.

This joint effort culminated in a very bold-tasting and sweet smelling whisky. The nose on the Project XX is very sharp with toasty undertones reminiscent of a good cigar box. Palate-wise, nodes of cinnamon and vanilla blend together with a touch of citrus.

Whether you’re a Glenfiddich fan or absolutely love whisky but haven’t tried this out yet, do yourself a favour and get a bottle today.

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