It might be in the majority of Asian food which is grain-based but it’s definitely not in the next glass of smooth gold you pour yourself as whisky has officially been declared as gluten-free by the FDA (the American Food and Drug Administration).

It’s common knowledge that whisky comes from grains containing gluten like wheat, rye, and barley, but the process of distillation removes gluten because the protein does not evaporate in the still.

Before this, only naturally gluten-free products like the grapes and potatoes used to make wine and vodka respectively, were given the right to advertise as “gluten-free”. But a new ruling by the FDA late last year gives whisky brands a chance to join those products in adding the disclaimer to their labels.

For people who are gluten-intolerant or who have celiac disease, gluten can cause a variety of adverse effects from headaches to abdominal pains to even depression and weight lost.

So the next time someone has doubts about drinking whisky because of gluten, you can show them this article.

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