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A Glenmorangie Whisky That Tastes Like Cake? I’ll Have a Slice of That…

A Glenmorangie Whisky That Tastes Like Cake? I’ll Have a Slice of That…

There’s a saying made popular by internet memes which originally came from a magical donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy, “Everyone loves cakes!” Maybe it is because cakes are a symbol of celebration or victory, there is no other dessert that is considered a category of its own.

Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, Dr Bill, found himself thinking along the same line one day, musing over how some of his most joyful memories came from cake – from the pineapple upside down cake his daughter made for his birthday to baking with his Granny in her kitchen.

So he took his favourite Glenmorangie Single Malt and finished it in the finest Tokaji dessert wine casks to create A Tale of Cake – a sweet and complex rich copper liquid with multi-layered bursts of honey, white chocolate and fruits with a hint of mint.

Image: Glenmorangie

A Tale of Cake is bottled at 46% ABV can be enjoyed on its own or you can mix yourself an Old Fashion with it.

Glenmorangie whiskies are known to be fruity and zesty, so A Tale of Cake fits in well into the brand’s spectrum and tastes best when coupled with sweet desserts and of course, cake.


For now, Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake has yet to be released in Malaysia. Stay tuned to The Good Stuff for early access to its release.

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