Scottish independent blender and bottler, Douglas Laing, that is best known for its “Remarkable Regional Malts” series of blended malt whiskies, has been releasing limited edition blended whiskies for Chinese New Year for the past few years now.

After last year’s Timorous Beastie Year of the Rat limited edition, comes 2021’s Scallywag Year of the Ox. Like last year’s edition, Scallywag Year of the Ox is fully matured in sherry casks to give it that dark fruit flavour and colour.

As a blended Speyside malt, this non-age statement whisky registers on the heavier side with 48% ABV. Its taste ranges from the notes of sweet plums, warm spices and dark chocolate on the nose, to a rich currant and charred oak nuttiness on the palate.

Only 1,688 bottles have been produced exclusively for selected Asian markets that include Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our advise is to get two bottles – one for the display cabinet and one more to Yam Seng.

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