Five Starred Hong Xi Feng Liqour


As a high-end representative of Fengxiang liquor, 5 Star Hong Xi Feng is upgraded on the basis of inheriting the quality standard of Hongxifeng.Hong Xifeng choose 20-year-old liquor as the base wine, and store it for more than 30 years, and the quality is controlled by old craftsmen with 40 years above experience.The bottle’s design is characterized by its smooth and exquisite form,and traditional Chinese red as the primary color, complemented by intricate gold-accented depictions of phoenixes and peonies. Hong Xifeng liquor is meticulously blended in a golden ratio of 1:3:6, following the Xi Feng Aroma compound style and unique storage yields 1,347 trace elements.Each drop was the best of the best of Xifeng Liquor series.

50cl | 52% ABV

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