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Sippin Down Memory Lane: 2023 Was a ‘Gin-uinely’ Good Time with The Good Stuff

Sippin Down Memory Lane: 2023 Was a ‘Gin-uinely’ Good Time with The Good Stuff

In 2023, we journeyed to new heights, shores and wonderful spirits (the liquid kind, you know!) by tagging with a line-up of celebrated brands from every corner of the globe and locally. At The Good Stuff, we launched a string of vibrant events which not only showcased our undaunted pursuit to serve the best flavours of spirits and cocktails but also to create lasting memories for our community and loved ones. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a riveting walk down memory lane as we reminisce the eclectic highlights of our 2023  shindigs.

  1. Better Together 

Date: 18th-19th February 2023

Location: Concorde Hotel

Leaping into 2023 with a bang and just in time for Valentine’s Day, we celebrated love and unity with the “Better Together” pop-up event held at The Five. In partnership with Monkey 47, we crafted an enchanting atmosphere teeming with food, drinks, pop-up booths featuring arts and crafts, jewelry, tattoos, thrift clothes, film cameras, and sneakers. In the mix (quite literally), were the premium liquor offerings from yours truly, The Good Stuff. This event set hearts aflutter as people mingled amongst the carefully curated booths, creating lasting memories and connections.

2. Scotch Whisky Tasting

Date: 27th July 2023

Location: Omni Bar KL

Next, we partnered with the famed Omni Bar to ring in World Scotch Day with an elegant tasting event. Omni Bar and The Good Stuff came together, much like a perfect blend of vatted malt, hosting a whisky tasting event that would make even the most steadfast teetotaler reconsider. Guests were offered a taste of heritage and craft as we explored the origins of the featured whiskies and revealed the secrets to truly savouring them. Complementing the notes of the tastings were curative food pairings, designed to enhance the palate’s journey through Scotland’s legendary distilleries.

3. Graveyard Shift

Date: 28th October 2023

Location: Gasket Alley

Come October, we traded in our tasting glass for cauldrons with our Halloween event. Gasket Alley was transformed into a spine-chilling haunt, courtesy of our collaborative efforts with Del’cs. Halloween-themed cocktails, dimly-lit jack-o’-lanterns, cobweb-draped corners, and faux tombstones elevated the scare factor. As the clock struck nine, the after-party began with DJ Anelka, Li Yi, and Neverprof spinning a wicked musical web that had all manner of creatures dancing in delight. Although the details are meant to stay buried, rest assured, fears were conquered, spirits savoured, and memories, albeit scary, were made in this hauntingly spirited evening.

4. Santa Baby

Date: 1st Dec – 3rd Dec 2023

Location: Tiffin At The Yard

Closing 2023 with a sprinkle of Christmas magic was “Santa Baby”. This event turned Tiffin At The Yard into a dazzling Christmas extravaganza that served both the needs of early-bird gift shoppers and the Christmas spirits— (yes, we’re talking about the drinkable merriments from The Good Stuff again). Bedecked with pop-up stalls, vibrant music from DJs Bryzoid, Anelka, Joshua, and Li Yi, and a feast of food and drinks, we sent off 2023 with carols, clinks, and cheers.

​​As we wave goodbye to 2023’s great times, we’re also excited for the future and ready to bring you even more exciting experiences in 2024.


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