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Just from looking at the photos above, this has probably instilled memories which a majority of drinkers have had or will have faced in their alcohol-fueled escapades.
Alcohol adventures are great but sometimes things inevitably go too far. Maybe its because of ‘face’ culture or maybe its because you are pushing thirty and are still not married.

Sure, there’s over a thousand lists online claiming all sorts of stuff which can magically make hangovers disappear or methods you’ve tried and tested which work that you continue to do.

If you do have your own methods, more power to you I say! But this post will be based on scientific journals and reports specifically studying the effects of reducing hangovers. Let’s get into it:

Get Enough Sleep & Stay Rehydrated

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This probably goes without saying, but you know how after a long night of drinking, 9 times out of 10 you’d feel like curling up in bed all day as the cold breeze of your AC blows into your face and body.

That’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re still pooped and are in need of a bit more rest. While some people simply just get up once they wake, it’s said that a lack of sufficient rest has the ability to boost the pains associated when getting hangovers.

That can easily be combated through constant hydration with either mineral or drinking water to flush all of the previous night’s toxins out.


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I can’t speak for the rest of you, but the morning after waking up from a wild night out, the second thing i always look for without fail after water, is FOOD.

Get yourself something healthy – and no I don’t mean a salad (unless that’s your food of choice). Instead, grab something high in EVERYTHING meaning protein, carbohydrates, fibre but try to keep your food’s fat content at a low to avoid more grogginess.

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Without getting too scientific, alcohol is a diuretic which basically dries your body up when consumed in excess, and makes you thirsty. As you go through copious amounts of water, your body will slowly start to ‘feel normal‘ again.

There’s a rumour going around where oily and fattier food allows you to drink more. While this has been tried and tested, it’s only helpful before drinking and won’t help at all with curing hangovers.

Now let’s look at a more unconventional, yet pretty common method to rid hangovers:

Drinking More

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Some of you might be snickering to yourselves because you’ve tried this method out once (or a couple times). I’m doing my best to refrain from using too much scientific jargon, but when you wake up feeling horrible from alcohol… just drink more!

For those of who’ve drank, you’d know that drinking alcohol makes us feel absolutely amazing. Now hangovers on the other hand, are the complete polar opposite.

Remember that old saying “Too much of a good thing is bad“? When it comes to hangovers, that’s an absolute lie! Maybe this isn’t the best way to rid yourself of one, but take it from someone whose done this before, you’ll be back to to normal in no time!

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