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The Good Stuff’s Guide To Affordable Liquor

The Good Stuff’s Guide To Affordable Liquor

Spending a good chunk of your hard-earned money solely on alcohol might not be the wisest of investments. That being said, everybody deserves to treat themselves with a bottle of liquor every now and then. (Drink responsibly)

Based on our wide selection of spirits here at The Good Stuff, we’ve compiled a list of affordable spirits you can get without breaking the bank.

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1. Jameson Triple Distilled

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey is a very versatile spirit which you can enjoy by yourself or use for parties and gatherings. Moreover, it’s the most affordable spirit we have here on The Good Stuff.

Jameson has been a favourite among many since its inception in 1780. It’s one of the smoothest whiskies you’ll find and can be enjoyed neat or with a dash of water. On the other hand, if you need a liquor that’s good for mixing, Jameson goes well with just about anything.

2. Roku Gin

If you’re not much of a whisky fan, you should definitely go for a gin instead. Released by the celebrated Suntory Distillery of Japan very recently in 2017, Roku Gin is a delicious Japanese craft gin and the next on our list of the most affordable spirits.

Roku Gin is crafted from 6 uniquely Japanese distillates mixed with traditional gin botanicals that culminate in a harmonious marriage between Western and Eastern flavours.

3. Hendrick’s

Our list continues with another gin that many are familiar with – Hendrick’s. Its traditional apothecary-style bottle can be found in nearly every bar in the world. Despite being a household name at this point, this Scottish-based gin was launched not too long ago in 1999.

This gin flaunts classic gin flavours such as juniper and angelica with a touch of citrus, vanilla and even cucumber. Hendrick’s can also be enjoyed neat but is best served in a cocktail or mixed with tonic.

4. Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder Whisky

Out of all the spirits mentioned on this list, Monkey Shoulder is definitely my favourite. 2005 saw the first bottle of Monkey Shoulder ever produced. Since then, it has grown to be a globally-loved whisky.

Monkey Shoulder goes down very smooth and has a fruity, almost creamy taste to it. The smell it gives off is absolutely phenomenal where hints of vanilla, sweet spices and marmalade can be found.

5. Haku Vodka

Another addition from Suntory, Haku Vodka is a must-try for both casual drinkers and vodka fans alike. The word ‘haku‘ means white and is used to describe the main ingredient in this spirit – Japanese white rice.

Haku Vodka is filtered through Osakan bamboo charcoal bringing out soft, rounded and sweet flavors. There are many ways to enjoy this spirit but is best mixed with soda water and a touch of lime.

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So there you have it – our perfectly curated list of the most affordable spirits we have to offer! Hopefully this list helps you to choose some quality spirits while saving you some money in the long run.

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