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You heard that right! International Gin & Tonic Day (IGTD) is officially happening this 19th of October (Wednesday). Whether you’re a ginthusiast or simply enjoy gin & tonics, mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy some gin!

In light of the tighter restrictions due to Covid-19 concerns, we here at The Good Stuff highly recommend celebrating indoors with your loved ones. You can now safely turn any room into a bar thanks to our delivery service.

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Source: Giphy

You might be thinking to yourself why an International Gin & Tonic Day even exists in the first place. Stop thinking. There is no epic origin story or significant gin-related event to coincide with IGTD.

Though multiple sources have different versions of the day’s origins, one particular study suggested that the first International Gin & Tonic Day happened in 2010. In all honesty though, people just really felt like drinking gin & tonics on that particular day.

The origins of gin date back to the 1700s but only in the 1800 did British officers make a concoction featuring; sugar, lime, water and gin equally parted with tonic – or as we know it, the gin & tonic.

Overtime, the cocktail grew in popularity among British locals – first starting out as a drink for commoners whilst eventually ending up in nearly every bar in the world today.

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Either way, you could also experiment to see which bottles make the best gin & tonic – and before you know it, you’ve created an exceptionally delicious drink. The only rule for celebrating IGTD is to drink the finest gin & tonics you can find (drink responsibly).

So go forth, celebrate and make sure to stock up on some of the finest gins.

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