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Weather Too Hot? Cool Down With Sugarcane Rum From Phuket’s Chalong Bay

Weather Too Hot? Cool Down With Sugarcane Rum From Phuket’s Chalong Bay

Although Thai law restricts Chalong Bay from advertising their products as “rum” (or “rhum” if you want to get technical), there’s really no difference between them and other notable rum brands. In fact, Chalong Bay even uses a traditional copper still imported from France – so you can’t get more authentic than that. For the sake of this article, I’m going to refer to it as rum – sorry, Thai law.

source: Klook

The product of French entrepreneurs Marine Lucchini and Thibault Spithakis, Chalong Bay started in 2014, when the duo brought over a copper column still from France to Phuket, and stuck to an all-natural production ethos with no chemicals or fertilisers for the cane crop, no burning prior to harvesting, and no additives added to the rum.

Overseeing the entire supply chain and production process in-house, and adhering to transparent sustainable production, Chalong Bay quickly gained a reputation as a refreshing all-natural newcomer with responsible practices.

Not much has changed today. Following the breeze of island life, the brand has only released a limited batch of variants which are Chalong Bay Pure, Chalong Bay Tropical Notes Series – 5 vapour-infused Thai botanical flavours including Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime, and Chalong Bay White Spiced.

Chalong Bay carries an ABV of 40% which does not hide its naturally sweet characteristics upon hitting the palate and its milky finish.

With a wide array of cocktail recipes available on their website, Chalong Bay makes for a great rum to enjoy in the sun or during those hot afternoons in Malaysia – which is right about now.

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