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Make a Toast To Sisterhood & Female Empowerment With Lillet

Make a Toast To Sisterhood & Female Empowerment With Lillet

What started as a day to commemorate the historical adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1920 that enable women to vote for the first time in the country, gradually became an international celebration to pay tribute to women’s continuing efforts to better the world.

In honour of our sisters who have paved the way, The Good Stuff is proud to announce our launch of the Lillet Women’s Equality Day Package that comes equipped with Lillet Blanc or Rosé, Fever-Tree Tonic Water, and a recipe sheet for the perfect lazy-day brunch.

Putting women at the heart of their brand since 1872, the premium aperitif celebrates women as innately elegant, self-confident, and free-spirited individuals. Whether as a drink or a lifestyle, it is always ‘hers to define’.

The Lillet Package pays homage to the hard-won achievement of the trailblazing women who’ve set us closer to a prosperous future.

The Lillet Package is perfect for the working woman or girlboss who enjoys a fuss-free tasty, refreshing lower-ABV drink.

Fun fact: Lillet is the aperitif in James Bond’s Vesper cocktail. And in the upcoming Bond movie, 007 is a female agent. 

So if you’re looking for a classic drink this weekend, the Lillet Blanc is what you need. Several months in oak barrels allow the aromas to mellow and its unique, distinctive taste to mature.

Lillet Rosé, on the other hand, possesses the same wine base as Lillet Blanc with some additional fruits in its alcoholic fruits macerations.

Its colour is given by a touch of Lillet Rouge. Lillet Rosé is bottled immediately once the blend of wines and macerations is achieved, in order to keep its freshness and lightness, giving place to a great aromatic finesse.

A subtle combination of French wines and fruit macerations, crafted in the south of Bordeaux in 1872 by brothers Paul and Raymond de Lillet, Maison Lillet has kept its uniqueness, relying on passed-on know-how and a strong French heritage.

It’s fit for a Queen, so get this package for her now, or if you’re her yourself, you know what to do next…

The Lillet Rose and Lillet Blanc packages are available at our online store. Get it now for delivery on the same day!


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